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Site Selection

Whether a company is looking to acquire an existing property, or looking to build new, Hart Corporation’s site-search capabilities are unrivaled. 

At the heart of this process is our comprehensive database which contains proprietary information on every available modern industrial facility, 40,000 square feet or greater, in non-metropolitan locations. Unlike most firms in the industry, Hart Corporation’s database does not come from information provided by an outside service.  Instead, our staff is dedicated to maintaining our own database on a daily basis - not just for properties in a specific region, but nationwide. These extraordinary efforts guarantee our clients access to complete, accurate and up-to-date property information.

And that’s only the beginning.  Our regional sales professionals provide a full range of background information on available buildings, market values, communities, labor, incentives and quality-of-life issues. Their experience and insight are invaluable when counseling clients in the site-selection process.

When it comes time for inspection tours, Hart Corporation coordinates every aspect from accompanying potential buyers to arranging confidential meetings with our allies from various chambers of commerce and state economic development organizations as well as utility service providers. We will even schedule tours of housing, schools, and other local facilities. Our goal is to provide precise and detailed information regarding all aspects of the site selection process, ensuring that our clients can make the optimal decision.

Having handled millions of square feet of built-to-suit transactions nationwide, we’re just as thorough when the decision is to build new.  In short, Hart Corporation can arrange a turnkey facility for our clients, making the transaction a low stress and high-satisfaction experience.

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